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Seven Reasons

Self-Defense Karate training can be a catalyst to promote self-confidence, assertiveness, goal orientation, calmness and concentration. According to child education specialist, Nicholas Cokina's, "Besides the three R's every parent should ensure that their child knows two things - karate and how to swim".

Contrary to what some parents believe. Self-Defense/Karate training does not prepare children for a show-down with a bully; rather, it short circuits the bully -baiting signals by building self-confidence and self-esteem through the supervised practice and learning of self defense techniques.


Defusing Bullies

A Bully usually has low self-esteem and the need to feel powerful causes them to seek out others weaker then themselves. A Bully senses weakness such as an unwillingness to look him in the eye, hunched posture, rapid breathing when confronted and uncertainty in replies.

Grace Under Pressure

Karate/Self-defense is a practical course in assertiveness training. The format is simple: apply a small amount of pressure, teach the student to handle it, then graduate slowly until the student is comfortable.

Goal Orientation

Karate offers clear bench marks of progress that are not found in many modern-day activities. The Karate/Self-defense belt ranking system bestows a different color belt for each step up the ladder which provides a constant sense of achievement. New belt rankings are attained by passing a test offered at periodic intervals. A by-product of this test is learning poise in front of the instructor and an audience.

Karate, Concentration and Schoolwork

Concentration is definitely a by-product of Karate training. The traditional Kata (a set of prescribed movements against an imaginary opponent) is a lesson in self-control. Maintaining a low stance, remembering each intricate move and delivering it with power requires effort.

Role Models

Parents will find that Karate promotes achievement orientation. By emulating the instructor the kids have a strong, positive role model and learn appropriate use of their new skills.

Physical Benefits

A number of professional athletic teams have used Karate as training to improve performance. Children lacking coordination may find Karate/Self-defense to be one of the best activities to develop a balance and fluid movement. Flexibility is a standard of Karate training, this makes a young athlete less prone to injury and more flexible later in life.

Fulfilling the Need to Belong

A distinct advantage over team sports is that every child can participate. Unlike team sports, where a youngster may not make the cut or ends up on the bench, Karate/Self-defense lets everyone perform at his or her highest level. Children in Karate are often leaders in their peer group. They have an investment in their value system, and things like alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are viewed as a risk to that investment.





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